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Foreign donors

foreign donors

Foreign citizens who live in Italy can donate blood. In order to join a blood drive, you only need to follow the instructions on this page.

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Documents required

It is usually sufficient to present a valid ID. Many facilities, nonetheless, may require the Fiscal code or, in some cases, even the registration to the National Health Service Card. For further information on the registration procedures, please click on this link.

Understanding of the language

Understanding the Italian language is a necessary and unavoidable condition for eligibility. Specifically, it must be determined that the would-be donor understands the questionnaire that has to be filled in before the donation.
You cannot show up accompanied by a translator or a cultural mediator, because the doctor, who is responsible for the selection process, could not guarantee the accuracy of the translation.

Compulsory information for the clinical evaluation

The aspiring donor must inform the doctor about his nationality and about the frequency of his travels back home, and about each travel outside of Italian borders.
The physician needs such data to state the donation suitability of the subject, because of the presence in many foreign countries of reported outbreaks of infectious diseases, which might possibly lead to a temporary or permanent deferral from the donation.

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